Competitive Dancers

Competitive Dancers

Competition and Excellence

We have designated certain classes on our schedule for the competitive students. Dancers in these classes are expected to have excellent attendance and a team approach to their training. These dancers are entered by Marr-Mac into 3 Spring Competitions in the Edmonton area.

There may also be a 4th competition which involves travelling outside of Edmonton. The competitive classes are thoughtfully assembled by the instructors so there is unity within the group.

Age and skill levels must be in synch in order for the class to present well in competition.

There is an entry fee involved for each competition as well as a choreography fee to the Instructor. In the case of a Guest Choreographer, there could be an additional fee charged for their choreography. Their regular Instructor would then clean the choreography for competition and charge a cleaning fee for their time.

Due to the importance of keeping the regular classes as technique classes, choreography rehearsals are generally held outside of regular class time. Dancers may also choose to do solos, duets or small group choreography for competition. These dancers contact the instructor directly to work on choreography and arrange rehearsal time outside of regular class time, to learn and rehearse the dance. An extra choreography and studio rental fee is charged for this time.

Competitive dancers are required to take at least one ballet class per week as part of their training.

Important Dates

Competitive students will be entered into the following competitions/festivals.

Please mark these dates on your calendars and wait for further details from your teacher/studio.

  • 5,6,7,8 Showtime – Lake Louise, AB (April 4-7, 2019)
  • Festival Du Ballet – Myer Horowitz Theatre (April 14, 2019)
  • Standing Ovation – Myer Horowitz Theatre (April 19 & 20, 2019)
  • Dance Extreme – Festival Place (May 1-5, 2019)
  • Represent – Myer Horowitz Theatre (May 9-12, 2019)

Register online or in person

Use the Marr-Mac Studio Director Portal or Print the paper form and bring it into us during our regular office hours.

Standing Ovation 2019