Creative Movement

Creative Movement

Creative movement is a wonderful introduction to dance for the 3 & 4 year old

It teaches the early stages of coordination and musicality and introduces commonly used steps and movements used in the more formal disciplines.

  • At Marr-Mac our philosophy “to instill the love of dance and music” has always been the motivation behind our teaching.
  • With our young students, we focus on the early stages of coordination, musicality, and fostering the discovery of movement through artistic exploration and creativity.
  • In Creative Movement we introduce boys and girls ages 3 & 4 to basic dance styles while allowing their imagination to guide their journey of dance.

A large component of movement is taught through the use of imaginative play.

  • We learn how to run on demi pointe by flying like bees or butterfly; jumping is explored by becoming a rabbit, frog, or kangaroo; and galloping like a horse is a movement loved by all!
  • Props, instruments, books, and music are the foundation from which we explore movement, musicality, imagination, and self-confidence.

Fun is always the goal!

Combination Classes are available, please contact the office for details