New for 2019!

Teen/Adult Beginner Highland session Thursdays 9:00-9:45pm.

October 3 to November 7th, 2019.

Cost $90 plus GST. Now Registering!

For more information email 1968@marrmac.com

Ages 4 and Up

Originating from Scotland, highland dancing is often associated with tartan and bagpipes. It is a technical dance form requiring stamina, agility and strength.  Highland dancing preserves Scottish heritage through set traditional dances, and celebrates Scottish spirit through contemporary choreography.

Dancers will learn the set traditional dances as well as choreography for the year end performance held in June. Competing is optional. Dancers who are interested in competing will be prepared to participate in local Highland dance competitions.

Register online or in person

Use the Marr-Mac Studio Director Portal or Print the paper form and bring it into us during our regular office hours.