Francois Chevennement

Francois Chevennement


Francois Chevennement is one of a few rare artists who has managed to have a distinguished performance and teaching career.

Mr. Chevennement has also been the Artistic Director at Dance Alberta from 2003 to 2006 before been asked to take the lead as Artistic Director of Citie Ballet. Francois managed to make Citie Ballet; a professional company during his 9 years career.

His unique choreography is distinguished by numerous collaborations with different Canadian Artists from a variety of different arts forms.

Trained at the Conservatoire National de Danse d’Avignon, his professional experience includes dancing with Ballet d’Avignon, Ballet du Nord and Alberta Ballet.

He has performed diverse solo and principal roles from such choreographers as George Balanchine, Paul Taylor, Jean-Paul Comelin, Myriam Naisy, Maryse Delente, John Butler, Jose Limon…Francois was nominated soloist in 1991 in Ballet du Nord. He performed internationally and danced in the biggest stages around the world.

Francois Chevennement received his State Teaching Diploma in Classical Dance from France in 1994. At numerous times during his multiple career, he was asked to be a judicator for Ballet exams, competitions, Grant foundations…etc.

Francois looks forward to sharing his expertise and love of dance.