What our Community is saying about us

We appreciate your communication.  Just another reason why we love Marr-Mac.


I am so proud to be a part of the Marr-Mac family. None of these times have been easy, but your communication and transparency are dearly valued. Thank you for your approach today – I recognize closing a small business is not easy. Please know you will always have our support.

Thank you again for being wonderful, brave female role models to (Dancer).  #inthistogether


Thank you, Cathy, Marie, Bridget and all the Marr-Mac teachers for the videos and keeping us moving! So much appreciated.


Steve and I wanted to share that we have been very surprised and happy with how well and quickly the studio has dealt with all the sudden changes. Your resilient efforts have brought joy into our home, and it has been delightful to see our girls losing themselves in dance.  Watching them both do their own online classes yesterday has definitely been one of my roses this week.

Much thanks to you both, and to all the hard working teachers who have put this together.


Thanks for all your work providing classes online! We haven’t totally gotten the flow down pat yet but we’re getting there 🙂 It is great to see (dancer) get a workout, it is so good for her mental game. It’s been such a challenging year for everyone, it’s hard for us to even wrap our heads around it, and having those classes set up is a big help.



I would like to start by saying how amazing you both are and what an incredible job you have done navigating these challenging times!! (Dancer) loves the online classes. Such a great job! A MILLION thanks. We have all done some of the workouts! 

Please stay well. Thanks again for all your efforts! I can’t say enough good things about Marr-Mac!


Congratulations on a great job of pivoting and adjusting to accommodate everyone, and to keep Marr-Mac humming along!! I imagine it’s not easy.  But you are doing a great service to so many and writing an important chapter, or two, in Marr-Mac’s legacy. 


She (dancer) has been keeping up with her exercises and this has helped her mental health so much during this time of isolation. We cannot thank you enough for finding a way to make this work for everyone. 


Re: Black Lives Matter studio closure…
I 100% support this movement and absolutely love that Marr-Mac is part of this. Like I needed another reason to love this school 🙂 Appreciate all you do and what you stand for .


Re: Year End Teacher Video…
Dear Marr Mac family, thank you so much for the video, I was bawling. (Dancer) loved it too ;).  We miss you so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the classes going as well as you did, it was truly a God-send during this whole crazy time we find ourselves in.  We love you so much and can’t wait to see you in person again in September. Enjoy a very well deserved break over the summer!! Xoxo