Shrina Patel

Shrina Patel


Your Instructor Shrina Patel has been dancing for 19 years!

Her first dance experience came at age 7, when her mother enrolled her in the first of her many dance competitions. In her own words, “From the moment I stepped on stage my mind opened and my soul sang – my heart was in ecstasy.

Growing up I was shy and introvert, but through the language of dance I learned to communicate and express myself to the world”. Shrina continued down this path sampling different dance styles from around the world. Incorporating a wide variety of dance knowledge, from East to West, her style has evolved and brings a unique flair to dance and teaching, which is sure to dazzle the spectator, and challenge even the most demanding dance students.

From traditional folk dancing East Indian Garba & Raas dance and the intoxicating drum beats of Bhangra, to elements of Latin Zumba and pop’n’lock, wacking and freestyle Hip Hop dance, her classes challenge and free the dancer to find their own unique language of expression.

Shrina firmly believes that dance is the most intimate self-expression that everyone embodies; we just need a chance to set it free.“Dancing is more than a hobby for me; it’s the language of my soul and sets me free; it is all about learning to love oneself through exploring the inner self.”

Shrina hopes to share her unique twist to choreography and expression of dance to all that are willing to take the journey of discovering a new artistic side of their selves.