Josh Capulong

Josh Capulong


Josh Capulong entered the dance world at the age of 16 with recreational breakdancing. His intrigue to learn more about the hip hop culture motivated him into discovering and learning new genres of the dance. He truly realized his passion for the art of hip-hop when he made his way to LA. There, he trained along side many world-renowned dancers such as Luam, Kyle Hanagami, Lyle Beniga, Keone Madrid, and many more.

In 2009, he joined his first hip hop crew, Next Gen. It was not long till this young, up and coming crew made a name for themselves in the Edmonton Hip-hop community. Sean Kingston, Ace Hood, Fanny Pak and Surpreme Soul are just a few of the artists in the industry that Josh has opened for alongside Next Gen.

Not only has Josh met many successes in his dance career, such as a 2nd place finish at World of Dance Vancouver 2013, he has also utilized his skill of dancing to give back to the community at a local level.

He has performed for several benefit concerts such as Little Hearts Big Dreams, Stand Up For Love, Forever Young, A Friend in Need is Japan Indeed, Hip Hop for Hope and many more. Many of these benefit concerts were also a time for Josh to share his musical side.

He is a part of local trio band ADD. His shared musical passion has lead him to journey to many places such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

Incorporating many aspects of his surroundings into his own, Josh’s new age style, emphasizing on intricacy and musicality, gives him a unique touch as a dancer and choreographer.

Josh began teaching Hip-Hop at Marr-Mac in 2012.