Est: 1968

‘To instill the love of dance and music and to provide a supportive atmosphere
which encourages students of all abilities’.

Our philosophy remains the same as we have evolved into a studio which provides both
the recreational and pre-professional dancer appropriate, quality training.

We offer an alternative studio atmosphere; where dancers, parents and friends feel welcome,
that prioritizes all levels of classes equally,
ensuring quality and commitment to each class.

We expect a lot from ourselves and our students….we love what we do.

At Marr-Mac it’s all good.

We’re proud of our ability to offer a training program which enables our dancers to become well rounded,
well trained dancers who are prepared to go into the professional world and do it all….well!


Cathy McFarlane (Director)          Marie McFarlane (Director)

Founder – Deane Marr (Retired 2015)